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The following 3D and animated images are actual samples provided by lenticular imaging professionals from around the world. These images were printed direct to a plastic lenticular lens sheet on lithographic offset print equipment. They demonstrate some of the many product uses and lenticular applications available to the advertising, communication and retail industries today. Where possible, we have provided links to the creators and producers of these lenticular images.

| DRUPA |  

DRUPA- promotional on-site printing on the Heidelberg Speedmaster CD-74-6 + L UV. Email us for more information or to schedule a meeting.

 Business to Business  
 Card   Euro Card Card Ergosom
 Converters   Euro Converter France Belgium Euro Converter Converter Notes
 Digital 3D   Digital 3D
 Direct Mail
 Fantasy   Fantasy
 Key Chain   Key Holder Key Holder Zoom
 Movie Poster XXX DareDevil
 Night Clubs lightboxes in Russia
 Old Masters Art  (2d/3d conversion) Old Masters Art
 Personal Care Personal Care
 P.O.P ( Samsung ) P.O.P.
 P.O.S ( counter display ) P.O.S.
 P.O.S ( floor display ) Molson
 P.O.S ( product display ) Gatorade Gillette Zomig
 P.O.S ( store ad ) Lanvin - oxygen
 Portrait (2d/3d conversion)   photograph
 Poster   Poster - Ricard
 Product Demo Product Demo
 Ruler   Ruler McDonald
 Shelf Talker Shelf Talker
 Soft Drinks Soft Drinks


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