lenticulat Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company WorldLenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World


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Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
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Lenticular Sheets

75 LPI lenticular sheet

75 LPI - 3D lenticular sheet

100 LPI - 3D lenticular sheet

100 LPI lenticular sheet

60 LPI (3D) lenticular sheet

60 LPI (Flip) lenticular sheet

40 LPI

LPC World Inc provides multiple lens design world wide. We supply 75 LPI, 100 LPI, 60 LPI, 40 LPI and more lenticular sheet material formats. Our products are designed and manufactured for the precise application of an appropriately interlaced image direct to the backside gloss surface of the lenticular sheet.
The most common and effective choice of the graphic industry is to imprint the lenticular sheet on lithographic offset equipment which provides optimum press control, efficient print management, and the highest possible quality imaging capabilities.

The 75 LPI lenticular sheet

is the most popular plastic lens design material imprinted worldwide. It is a utility lens equally effective at delivering both 3dimesional and animated imaging effects.
This lens sheet design is generally recommended and used for final image sizes smaller than 8" x 10" (20cm x25cm) and is particularly effective for volume projects. It has broad imaging product applications including sales promotion premiums, direct mail, retail product, packaging, and in-store programs.


The 75 LPI - 3D lenticular sheet


The 100 LPI - 3D lenticular sheet


The 100 LPI lenticular sheet


The 60 LPI (3D) lenticular sheet

was designed for larger image sizes yet still fully functional for smaller premium classed products such as ISO credit cards. The lens sheet design is very effective when imprinted using lithographic offset reproduction equipment and is particularly pleasing for 3D imaging (while equally effective for flips or animations).

It is essentially designated as a display and signage lens design for volume productions with a very high degree of effectiveness in point of purchase applications.


The 60 LPI (Flip) lenticular sheet


40 LPI

The new 40 LPI lenticular sheet is bringing new possibilities to the imaging marketplace.
It allows volume productions of posters in larger sizes with 3D or flip effect.
It will also allow to produce animation pictures using seconds of HDTV images.


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