Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company WorldLenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World


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Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
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We are the Lenticular Plastic Companies of the World. LPC World is the only company 100% dedicated to the sales of lenticular clear sheets with stock based around the globe. We are able to supply your region directly with lenticular sheet materials on a timely basis.

Our products are specially designed for the litho offset printing business. All our lenticular sheets are guaranteed to meet a strict set of specifications and are manufactured to preset tolerances on a consistent basis. We provide offset printers with a stable lenticular sheet to allow for maximum press control and efficient print management.

We are experienced lenticular sales and service specialists with competitively priced lenticular sheet materials. We are not only able to provide you with reliable technical support, but also to organize complete training or consultation in the lenticular process if required.

We invite you to contact us immediately. We would be pleased to offer you more detailed information on the available lenticular sheet materials and print production technology.

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Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World

LPC world
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